So You Want A Decent Quality Wardrobe? Part 3

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This is the concluding post on our 3 part series on cues to look out for when looking to buy decent quality clothing.


  • With Respect to Fabric, fabric should hold its shape fairly well, to test for this, grab a handful, bunch together and let loose.  Fabrics should be free of lumps, snags or discolourations, Patterns, like stripes and plaid should line up properly especially at the seams. Here are a few more pointers to look out for.



Colorful fabrics on sale


a)    Polyester should be strong, breathable, stretchy and not easily wrinkled. It melts at medium to high temperature so should be ironed at warm temperatures.


b)    Silk should be soft, breathable, drape well, retain its shape (not easily wrinkled) and have a shimmery luster to it.





a)    Good indicators of quality in Cotton fabric are softness, breathability, it should be able to absorb and release moisture and air quickly.


b)    Decent quality faux or real leather should feel supple, not look shiny or like its made from plastic, individual parts should be sewn not glued together and thicker is better with leather



a)    Denim is made from tightly woven cotton fabric so just like cotton it should feel soft, breathable but should be a lot more durable. A good check for quality denim is the density of the denim, to check for density hold the fabric against light and see how much light comes through. Less light coming through means its dense, and would last longer. Good denim should also feel a little moist and not stiff. Denim is made from thick fabric; hence the seams should be strong and not easily give way. Where possible it should have double or chain stitching.




a)    Linen should not feel rough or have an uncomfortable texture. It should also be breathable. Linen tend to wrinkle easily, however decent linen should still look ok after a long day in it.

b)    After the preliminary assessments of checking things like the feel of the fabric, the durability of the seams, and how well secured the buttons or fasteners are. It’s a good idea to fit the garment on oneself to be sure that they fit just right.  There’s no point spending a lot of money on clothing that doesn’t fit right. The tailoring, of the garment is what usually determines how well it would fit for the most part.




The fit of the same garment can defer from person to person depending on individual shape. Tailoring is where brands go the extra mile to make sure their clothing fit their customers just right and this is a good measure of brand quality. Some of the ways to tell a garment that have good tailoring, is to look out for.


1. Darts in shirts, jackets, blouses and non-stretchy dresses.

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2. A seam running down the backs of Jackets and coats
3. Dresses and skirts should not ride up, and jackets and suits should hang well on the shoulders and not bunch around the shoulders or sides when hands are raised. If this happens either it’s a wrong fit for you or it’s poorly tailored.

On a final note, always ‘Read Care Instructions’ because no matter how well made a garment is, if not cared for appropriately, it would get damaged and that would not be the manufacturers fault. The care instruction is there for you to read and give some extra mileage to your clothes.


These are just a few of the ways we check for quality, there are a lot more ways of checking for quality. Do share some of your quality assurance secrets with us 🙂 . We hope these pointers would help make you a more informed buyer and give you a more enjoyable buyers experience.



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