So You Want A Decent Quality Wardrobe? Part 2

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In our previous post, we started a series sharing some cues to look out for when looking to buy decent quality clothing, here’s the continuation.


Below are a few ways to test for quality before buying.


  • Examine the physical clothing where possible. When Online Buy from brands that you trust their quality, and that provide sufficient information to help your buying decision.


shopping from computer

Assess the fabric, seams and fastenings first hand; this would give a good indication of how sturdy the clothing is. This can be a tough one in this era where everything is online. Do your research, and buy from brands that have a reputation for good quality that you can trust. At Itfactor, we have done all the hard work, our buyers have been trained to identify quality and buy only from brands we absolutely love and trust.

  • Seams and Hems – Seams should line up neatly, be strong, should not protrude or cause the clothing to loose its shape. Try pulling seams apart gently, do the threads pull apart? Seams give a good indication of quality because when a garment is properly seamed, it helps retain its shape and structure and consequently makes it more durable.  Generally, the closer together the stiches that form the seams the better the quality of the clothing. Hems should be sewn and not left raw, hems should be flat, not rolled or puckered.


  • The presence of Lining is another good indication of quality. Linings help to give the clothing a better fit and a neater finish. They protect the outer fabric from oils and sweat from skin, which contributes to damage and ageing.  They make it easy to put on the clothing by reducing tension and stretch on the clothing and this ultimately increases its lifespan. Some pieces are meant to be sheer hence no lining is required but most clothing need lining, it prevents them from looking flimsy and cheap.


  • Buttons and Zippers should be sturdy. Buttonholes should have strong sturdy reinforced seams and zippers should move smoothly and lock at the top. Clothing that come with extra buttons, threads, beadings are typically made of better quality and would last longer.


In the next post we would conclude the series, hope you have picked up a thing or two?


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