So You Want A Decent Quality Wardrobe? Part 1

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One of the most important factors when building a decent quality wardrobe is in the ability to spot or identify decent quality clothing.


In building a decent quality wardrobe, we want clothing that doesn’t just look the part but will also last us through several seasons of washing and wearing.


Obviously, no one piece of clothing can last forever, and those that tend to last for eons of years are over the budget of an average shopper.

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So the aim here is to be able to identify clothing that would last through a couple of years of washing and wearing, Clothing that is durable and doesn’t just look pretty on the racks.


How does one identify decent quality clothing?

The next 3 posts would break down some cues to look out for when shopping for decent quality.


Here’s Part 1, of our quick overview of how to identify decent quality clothing.

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In General terms, decent quality clothing should be durable, and should last a couple of years. Buttons and seams should be sturdy, neatly fixed and not likely to fray or easily pop.  It should maintain its shape and flatter the figure and not distort the silhouette or impede movement.


Lastly the fabric should look like good quality fabric and feel good on the skin.


Now, we appreciate that clothing that tick all the boxes would mostly be high end and quite pricey for the average person.


But there are brands who have found a way not just to make their clothing look pretty to attract buyers but also incorporate some of these qualities into their clothing such that it looks the part and can last several wears and washes.

These brands offer a good mix of great pricing, great designs and decent quality.


In the next post we break down the various cues even further, check here and here for concluding posts.

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