4 Style Rules To Adopt In 2019

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1. Only buy into trends that suit your personal style



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While it can be tempting to jump on every buzz-worthy trend, its no use buying into trends if they don’t suit you, or are not in tandem with your aesthetics. As much as trends are fun, adopt an approach where you only buy into the ones that flatter your figure and that you would enjoy wearing.  When buying a trendy piece, ask two questions; one, does this suit me? And two, based on my lifestyle, how often would I actually wear this?  That should help in nudging you in the right direction. Whatever you do, try not to go overboard with trendy pieces. It’s always more practical to have more of classic pieces in your wardrobe. A rule of thumb is to have 30percent of your wardrobe made up of trendy pieces, and 70 per cent, classic evergreen pieces. Check here for how to pick out wardrobe classics.


2. Buy, only If you can wear it at least 3 ways


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Standout or statement pieces are sometimes difficult to pass by. But oftentimes, they are limited in versatility, because of how eye-catching they are. If you can only wear a statement piece one or two ways, then it’s probably not worth investing in. There is also a possible limitation on how often you would want to wear it on rotation, simply because, ‘it stands out’.  Versatile pieces are more functional, would give more value because you can come up with more outfit ideas and wear them more frequently. A classic example of a versatile piece is a little black dress.

3. Consider an investment piece every now and then

Buying affordable trendy pieces may be great, as they help with staying on trend.  But they may actually be costing as much as higher priced pieces because of their short lifespan. Adding investment pieces to your wardrobe can help create a nice balance of trendy and classy. Though costing more, you find that investment pieces tend to last longer and help you build a classy wardrobe you would be proud of. You can adopt an approach where you buy an investment piece, after a certain number of more affordable pieces. That is a ratio of say, one investment piece for every five or ten affordable pieces. You will find that you wear the investment pieces for longer, bringing the price per wear down and giving you more value for your money in the long run.


 4. Consider developing a go-to style uniform and add a third piece to it.


Carolina Herrera in her signature white blouse

A style uniform is your personal style identity. It’s that distinct look that defines you, and you would mostly default to. These are outfits or items of fashion that speak to your most fashionable self when worn. For instance, this could be shirtdresses and pumps, crisp white blouses and bottoms, bold gaudy earrings and plain dresses, cropped pants and ballet, or as simple as signature accessories. Having a go-to style removes the guesswork from dressing up, as you can easily spin off different outfit iterations from it.  You can add a third piece to your style uniform if it doesn’t already include one.  Your third piece can be a scarf, a jacket, a hat or signature statement accessory. A third piece would take your style from basic to outstanding. The third piece just adds that ‘extra’ to any outfit.

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