4 Simple Ways To Build The Perfect Work Wardrobe

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A lot of us have a work wardrobe overflowing with outfits, but how many times do you open your wardrobe and feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear for work? I know right?

The number one reason for this is, most times, we all literally never start with or even consider the basic or essential foundational piece in building our wardrobe.  Essentials or basics, are crucial to help you mix and match with other items you already own in your wardrobe, they are the building blocks in creating effortless style.

If you are looking at giving your current selection of workwear an upgrade or you want a total overhaul that would ensure you pick out your work clothes without sweating it, read on, for 4 simple ways to help create a more robust work wardrobe.

Never underestimate the power of a chic white blouse and a polished black pant

I usually say these are a wardrobe must-have, The perfect white blouse and a nicely tailored black pants.  They literally go with anything. They are insanely chic paired together or with any other items. With these two in your wardrobe arsenal, you can take on any day with style and grace.


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A stylish Jacket that you can mix and match will take you to great places

Invest in a jacket that you can wear in different ways – With a smart pant and blouse for work or with jeans for a casual look. Look out for a piece that you can pair with multiple outfits.

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Simple solid tops take out the guesswork

While elaborate blouses with dizzying colours and prints are very eye-catching, most times, they are usually lacking in versatility. Consider investing in solid coloured tops in basic colours that can pair easily. I find that owning a simple black, red, green, blue and white vests or tanks, always make for easy styling on days when I can’t figure out what to wear. These pieces are great for both formal and casual wears.

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A least two good pair of shoes will keep your heart at ease

Personally, I believe this is one area you cannot afford to scrimp. Every woman needs at least two very good quality pair of shoes. A flat to commute in and run around the office on less formal days, and heels for a more dressed up look. Whatever you choose, ensure the quality is absolutely spot-on.

Would you be adding any of these to your wardrobe? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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