Colours To Match With Every Shoe Colour

It’s natural for most people to default to their trusty black shoes every time even if they own a million coloured shoes. Black shoes are undoubtedly easy to wear and match with everything, “why fix it if it isn’t broke, right? Except you are ‘ok’ with remaining boring and bent on sending your favourite black pair of shoe to early retirement, then you might just be in need of a style redemption.

The truth is, it requires more thought to figure out the best shoe colour to pair with coloured outfits, but we have done some of that thinking for you.

Here are some tricks we have found to make this task a lot easier; hopefully they would help you put your coloured shoes to more use.

Some basic rules first,

  1. Your shoes can be any shade of the colours on your outfit.
  2. You can pick out a single colour from your outfit and make that your shoe colour, I like to choose the list prominent colour in this case.
  3. Consider colours like beige, grey, black and white as neutral, they would go with almost any outfit.
  • Colours that go well with red shoes

Navy blue, orange, mustard, white, and pink

Red shoes are always a great way to spice up a rather dull outfit. They are bold and eye-catching and quickly become the dominant feature in your outfit.



  • Colours that go well with yellow shoes

Green, any shade of blue especially navy, and white

Yellow is a bold and fun colour and always looks great paired with monochrome colours. They stand out in your outfit yet manage to remain chic and subdued at the same time.



  • Colours that go well with orange shoes

Yellow, blue, white, browns,  and red

Orange shoes always look great with earthy tones like browns, camels and neutral tones; these colours act as a warm canvas from which the orange colour would pop.



  • Colours that go well with green shoes

Yellow, orange, blue and brown

If you decide to go with bright colours like yellow or orange to pair with your green shoes, you should consider keeping the rest of the outfit neutral.


  • Colours that go well with purple shoes

Green, blue and pink


  • Colours that go well with gold shoes

Green, white, burgundy and royal blue


  • Colours that go well with blue shoes

Yellow, brown, green, white and red



  • Colours that go well with metallic shoes

Dark blue,  pink, purple, and  red

For metallic shoes such as silver, warm tones like red and browns are great for toning down the cold look of the metallic colour.


  • Colours that go well with pink shoes

Pastel shades of light blue or mint green, and white

Orange coral and grey are also a suitable match.


  • Colours that go well with teal shoes

Pink, white, coral, brown, red and navy

For a fresh, soft and feminine look pair with a white, coral, brown or pink outfit but for a more dramatic look opt for navy and red.


Hope we were able to cover most colours in your wardrobe?