Here’s How To Save On Party Season Outfits

The party season is inching ever so closely and we are all truly excited. With the volume of events and parties usually lined up for this time of the year, it makes perfect sense to start thinking about what to wear to these occasions. The esthetic for this time of the year calls for show stopping outfits and rightfully so, it’s the most festive time of the year and most people just want to end the year on a high note after the years work.


But getting those show stopping outfits usually comes with a hefty price tag if you choose to wait for when you need them, which is why it makes perfect sense to take advantage of the biggest sales towards the end of the year.


The year end sale season for most shops start in late Novmber to December of every year. This period usually offers shoppers the biggest price cuts across all fashion categories. Fortunately, with the cyclical nature of fashion, we tend to see some classic trends every year.  With this in mind, you can shop smartly by snatching up classic pieces at wallet friendly prices and you would be sure to turn out looking stunning and definitely on trend when the season gets in full swing.

Here are trends to look out for when shopping the sale season.




Sequin or shimmery pieces are a traditional party season fixture. Year in and out, sparkles get prime spot at most parties. If wearing an entire sequin/shimmering outfit is not your forte, then thrive to add little touches of sparkles to your outfits. Look out for touches of bling in your accessories and shoes, by doing this, you would ramp up an otherwise plain outfit.

The colour Red

The colour red is a classic for the party season. Fortunately, it’s such a stand out colour that would also take you beyond the festive season. To make it party worthy, look out for pieces that ooze elegance.





Everyone loves the rich luxurious touch that is associated with velvet, it is traditionally a party season favourite. This a good touch to have for mini bags and shoes for parties.


Fancy shoes

Fancy shoes are a must have for parties.  Shopping these party essential during the sale would ensure you snatch up a good bargain before the price surge of the festive season.

When you have these classics locked down especially in good quality well made pieces, then you can update your look with trendy accessories.

All You Need To Slay This Party Season


The party season is here and with the volume of events and parties usually lined up for this time of the year, we are guessing you are already thinking of what to wear to these occasions. This time of the year ushers in the most festive of events and calls for a whole lot of statement dressing. The esthetics are looks that get the ‘wow factor’ and rightfully so, what other time of the year do we get the permission to party this much? We might as well do it looking stunning. Whether your style is effortlessly cool, simple and subtle or glam diva, there are so many ways to make a bold statement with your outfit while remaining true to your style. This is not the time for the subtle and laidback, the aim here is to create looks that are memorable, while keeping it polished and classy. What’s the point of all the hard work if no one will notice, right? If you are ready to perfect your party season slay strategy, Let’s get you started on how to conquer every event you attend this season.


The Red Stunner

Red is a classic for the holiday season. From dresses, to jumpsuit and skirt, you would continue to find your red outfit useful, year in, year out. To keep it trendy, look out for pieces with ruffles, fringes and coldshoulders.

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The Velvet Queen

Velvet is traditionally a party season favourite, this is understandable as velvet has that rich luxurious look that is so appropriate for this time of the year.


The Fab Jumpsuit

We love jumpsuits for so many reasons, but chief among them is how you don’t have to worry about what to pair them with! Dress up your jumpsuit with a pair of fancy heels and statement accessories and you are done!


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The Dazzling Sequin

While this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, nothing says “party season” like sequin. The way around wearing head to toe sequin if it’s not your thing, is to add little touches of sparkle in your accessories and shoes and that should ramp up your glam quotient.

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The Necessary Extras

Fancy shoes

Fancy shoes are a must this time of the year; this is the time to break out the sparkles or anything that gets your shoes noticed. A great shoe can totally elevate and transform a very simple outfit.


Accessories are the easiest ways to elevate any look. Statement jewelries and elegant purses can easily work the magic for any outfit taking it a notch or two higher.


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Colours To Match With Every Shoe Colour

It’s natural for most people to default to their trusty black shoes every time even if they own a million coloured shoes. Black shoes are undoubtedly easy to wear and match with everything, “why fix it, if it isn’t broke, right? Except you are ‘ok’ with remaining boring and bent on sending your favourite black pair of shoe to an early retirement, then you might just be in need of a style redemption.

The truth is, it requires more thought to figure out the best shoe colour to pair with coloured outfits, but we have done some of that thinking for you.

Here are some tricks we have found to make this task a lot easier; hopefully they would help you put your coloured shoes to more use.

Some basic rules first,

  1. Your shoes can be any shade of the colours on your outfit.
  2. You can pick out a single colour from your outfit and make that your shoe colour, I like to choose the list prominent colour in this case.
  3. Consider colours like beige, gray, black and white as neutral, they would go with almost any outfit.
  • Colours that go well with red shoes

Navy blue, orange, mustard, white, and pink

Red shoes are always a great way to spice up a rather dull outfit. They are bold and eye catching and quickly become the dominant feature in your outfit.



  • Colours that go well with yellow shoes

Green, any shade of blue especially navy, and white

Yellow is a bold and fun colour and always looks great paired with monochrome colours. They standout in your outfit yet manage to remain chic and subdued at the same time.



  • Colours that go well with orange shoes

Yellow, blue, white, browns,  and red

Orange shoes always look great with earthy tones like browns, camels and neutral tones; these colours act as a warm canvas from which the orange colour would pop.



  • Colours that go well with green shoes

Yellow, orange, blue and brown

If you decide to go with bright colours like yellow or orange to pair with your green shoes, you should consider keeping the rest of the outfit neutral.


  • Colours that go well with purple shoes

Green, blue and pink


  • Colours that go well with gold shoes

Green, white, burgundy and royal blue


  • Colours that go well with blue shoes

Yellow, brown, green, white and red



  • Colours that go well with metallic shoes

Dark blue,  pink, purple, and  red

For metallic shoes such as silver, warm tones like red and browns  are great for toning down the cold look of the metallic colour.


  • Colours that go well with pink shoes

Pastel shades of light blue or mint green, and white

Orange coral, and gray are also a suitable match.


  • Colours that go well with teal shoes

Pink, white, coral, brown, red and navy

For a fresh, soft and feminine look pair with white, coral, brown or pink outfit but for a more dramatic look opt for navy and red.


Hope we were able to cover most colours in your wardrobe?



These Colours Would Make Your Red Outfits Look Incredibly Good

The colour red is a popular choice for most people when the aim is to present a bold and daring look. Beyond being bold and daring, red is also quite popular due to its unique ability to look good on everyone. Seriously, can you think of anyone that a red outfit doesn’t look flattering on?

As the party season gradually approaches, a lot of people would fall back to this trusty colour to take them though the season, combining their reds mostly with the usual neutrals of whites, blacks and grays. But what other less-obvious colours can work just as good with red and make your outfit look even better? We have rounded up a few less known colour combos that work perfectly with red.


The combinations of mustard yellow and red works because both are from the same warm colour family and both have brown undertones. Another colour within this colour spectrum that would work is orange. More bonuses for this combination? Psychologically, yellow makes us feel warm, cheerful and fun, combined with sultry bold red, there’s no reason not to try this one. 



This combination is fresh and striking. It’s not just trendy, it would make your red outfit look interesting and edgy. Most shades of pink work nicely with red but I favour soft pinks with more vibrant shades of red. If you find this too overpowering, then add dark neutrals to break up the look.


Ever wondered why this combination is popular all around us? Think big brands like Pepsi, Citibank, US/UK flags. The balance of cool blue and warm red is a classic combination that always works. It’s a look that is clean and stands out nicely.


Red and green are traditionally complimentary colours and as such they work well together. The contrasts between the two colours are a great match and looks really fresh.


These neutrals are a great alternative to black or white, they would pop even better against the colour red. Metallics, like silver are very vibrant against red. Camel looks classy and sublime, while gray is more toned down and subdued and would make the red the star.

As with every fashion tip, there are no rigid rules and this just serves as a guide. As always, go with whatever you are most comfortable and confident in. When in doubt about colours, try adding neutrals to create a balance with bold colour combinations and play with different tints and shades within each colour family.

So share, what are your favourite colours to pair with red?

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4 Summer Trends That Would Refresh Your Wardrobe


We love to think of summer as the time for sunglasses, beaches and sunshine all day long! The reality however, for those of us in the tropics is cloudy gloomy days and stormy wet weather, thanks to the rainy season. Be that as it may, the seasonality of fashion is something that transcends geographical boundaries and as such you always find elements of summer trends that can be adopted regardless of your location. So even if we cannot do sunny beachy looks until the return of the hot dry season, we have rounded up 4 summer trends you can adopt straightaway to ensure you stay stylish irrespective of the weather.


Summer Whites

A summer wardrobe without a white outfit is like white rice without stew. The chicness of a white outfit will take you through to the party season when a lot of the dress codes would call for “all white outfits” so it is worth investing in one. Statement Jewelries are a good way to elevate this look.

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Full Bloom Floral Prints

This summer’s floral is full throttle head to toe full bloom. We are talking psychedelic blooms in bright colours, they are bold and would make people stop and stare. These florals are on everything, even the shoes and denims are blooming, the options to incorporate this trend are endless. We particularly love this summer’s floral maxi, for it’s easy breezy vibe, you don’t have to worry about what to pair it with , just throw on and go – no fussing. In choosing a maxi dress, opt for one with some waist definition, a high waist definition will create a slimmer silhouette irrespective of how voluminous the dress is. This trends always works well with sleek gold accessories

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Statement Stripes

Though stripes never go out of style, one can never have too many of this classic print. This summers stripes is not your average stripe, think bold stripes with contrasting colour blocks or graphics.

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Translucent Colour Tainted Lenses

No look says summer trends like a pair of good ol’ sunglasses. Retro shapes like oversize round styles with tortoiseshell or leopard print frames, aviators and cat eyes are a big hit, these old school favourites are turning out to be the new cool. Take your sunglasses game a notch higher with coloured lenses or mirrored coloured lenses to be summer ’17 compliant. Pinkish shades appear to be a popular choice.


What trends would you be wearing this summer?


This Is What Ruffles Can Do For Your Figure

By now you probably know we do not advocate for jumping on every trend out there right?

If you don’t, here’s why we think you should not jump on every fashion trend. Fashion trends are constantly changing, getting on every trend bandwagon can be quite tiring not to mention put a drain in your wallet. Having a closet of mostly good quality classics would guarantee you always have what to wear; here is how you can choose your classics wisely.

While we love to see new fashion trends and usually participate in reporting and predicting them, we are aware that not all trends are flattering on every figure type.

However, we have found the ruffle trend to be quite forgiving and flattering on a majority of shapes and sizes depending on how it is styled.

Here are 3 ways the ruffle trend can work for you

Billowing and Bell ruffled sleeves

These come in different variations, from exaggerated billowing sleeves to oversized bell shape sleeves. This trend is flattering because it draws the attention away from the torso and focuses on the sleeves. If the arms are the problem areas, they are cleverly concealed under large sleeves. Where this comes with a waist tie, it gets even better because it helps to cinch in the waistline and conceals that area with it’s draping.


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Statement ruffled sleeves

These are oversized  sleeves with ruffled detailing. This trend highlights your shoulders and is great if your lower half is the problem. The ruffle detail draw the focus to the upper part of the body and the lower part is left streamlined and balanced out, as it is deprived of any details that will cause attention. This style is even better if it comes in a single solid colour.

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Cascading ruffles

This trend is flattering because it draws the eye to travel along the length of the ruffle and in doing so the focus is shifted away from every other part but that cascading detail. This would usually create a lengthening effect especially in midi dresses.



Would you be trying ruffles soon?

Let us know in the comments.


6 Style Tips To Fake Longer Legs

Whether you are born tall or petite, an average woman wouldn’t mind creating the illusion of longer legs, no? There’s no denying that great gams grab attention. Fortunately, we can fix that without going under the knife.

Here’s our take on how you can fake attention grabbing longer legs!

  1. Go for pointy toe pumps in colours that match your skin tone

Rounded toe pumps can have a shortening effect, instead opt for a pointy toe pump that matches your skin tone. Neutral colours like nude or brown are a great choice, these colours would create visually longer legs. A lower cut pump where more of your feet are exposed would be even better.



  1. Go For Highwaisted

Highwaisted anything is good news for longer legs! These pants, shorts or skirts will make your legs appear like they extend from a higher point, that is, your waist.


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  1. Go for Bottoms with vertical Lines

Vertical lines draw the line of vision along those lines thereby creating a lengthening effect.


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  1. Go for a cropped jacket

A cropped jacket will make your torso appear shorter, which makes  your legs appear longer in proportion.


  1. Go for a single colour from head to toe

Wearing a single colour, preferably dark colours, from your head to your feet creates a solid visual line that make you appear taller and your legs longer, and if  black is your choice, it is insanely chic.


  1. Go For Longer Length

Floor grazing hems especially when paired with heels would create seriously long legs.



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5 Options To Try Out For The Party Season

My absolute favourite time of the year is here! A time for gift giving, making memories with friends and family, and of course dressing up for parties!


Often times, this time of the year we are inundated with a barrage of parties and events to celebrate the year passed and usher in the new-year. Typically, we attend these events not only intending to have a ton of fun but also to look our best  while doing so or as they say, “we want to kill it” style wise that is.


This period of the year provides a good opportunity to experiment with your style and go outside your regular “Party Uniform” by incorporating some festive and trendy options to your look without necessarily going outside your comfort zone.


The fashion focus this season, are on embellishments, holiday hues and delicate lace details. A touch of sparkle and shine, some delicate lace and velvet and a dash of striking red will definitely give your outfit a more festive theme and make it extra special. Below are five options to try out this party season that guarantees you would not be a wallflower.



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sequin-itfactor-party-dresses-5-things-you-should know-before-attending-that-december-party


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4. ONE PIECEsequin-itfactor-party-dresses-5-things-you-should know-before-attending-that-december-party



sequin-itfactor-party-dresses-5-things-you-should know-before-attending-that-december-party

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The Only Trends You Need To Wear Now ….And Later

We love summer for the fun and sunshine that comes with it…’scratch that’ summer for us mean new items to add to our wardrobe and this is our favourite thing about summer.

While it might be tempting to adopt every “ItGirl” approved trend out there, the hard economic climes may not favour that much needed trip to “the abroad” / stores to scout for new wardrobe additions.

So how do you keep your style game strong and up to date without bursting the bank?

Because we are big on good quality clothing that transcend trends, Here’s our scope on what’s really hot right now that you can wear even much later.

1. Statement blouses and relaxed tailoring


Statement tops with emphasis on exaggerated sleeves and relaxed tailoring are the rage, and they will definitely take you from this season into next – look for pieces with frills and ruffles, unusual proportions and sleeves, and flattering voluminous proportions to maximise your style credentials.

2. Off shoulders


We love this trend for how universally flattering it is! No matter your body type there is an off shoulder style out there that would suit you, guaranteed. Look out for this trend in a cropped style with a matching set and you will be spot on.

 3. Wide leg pants


Women the world over have fallen for this very forgiving 70’s inspired trend. Whether tailored and full length with fluid fabric or cropped flared, the most fashionable pant stride you need now is ‘Wide’. Pair with a smart blouse and block heels and your style game will be ‘up there’ for work or play.

 4. Boudoir dressing


From pajamas inspired pieces to slinky slip dresses, this fashion inspiration is coming straight out of the bedroom. Slinky slip dresses are a big thing, this delicate and sometimes risqué piece in luxe silk fabric is a hit for nights out. Pair with a tshirt underneath or jacket over  for a day look.

 5. Fringe


The fringe trend has been raging for sometime now and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  Fringe on anything from clothing to accessories is a go.

 6. Shirtdress


Shirtdresses are a classic. It’s worth investing in one because they are ageless and a great wardrobe staple.

 7. The bomber Jacket


Athleisure inspired trend has been going quite strong for a few seasons. Sneakers, tracksuits and bomber jackets are very popular, however the bomber jacket seems to have taken the center stage. Pair with midi skirts and dainty sandals for a great look.

 8. Slides  


This is “The” comfy footwear to wear this season and much later, especially if you’re fortunate to be in a tropical region.

 9. The trouser suit 

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear

The suit returns with sharp shoulders and a loose silhouette.  Lookout for cuts with deep V-necks,  and fluid wide leg for an instant hit! Bare your decolletage for that  sassy 70’s vibe or wear open with a corset for instant style vibes.

10. The colour Orange/Yellow


Every summer there is an explosion of brightness, for this season sunny yellow ,orange and green  seem to dominate.

 11. Block heels


What’s not to love about comfy shoes? The most popular heels right now are block heels, talk about function and practicality all in one.

 12. The Bold sunnies


No summer wardrobe will be complete without a pair.


Surprise! You have some of these pieces already? Now you know you don’t have to break the bank, you are welcome J

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The Best Dress Shape For Every Body Type

Dresses are way cooler than pants, no?  As much as we like to borrow from the boys, dresses are the ultimate feminine piece. They are that one piece of garment we do not have to share with the boys, at least for now.

They are pretty, cheaper and easier to style, as you do not need to worry about bottoms to pair them with.  But finding the right shape can be a bit tricky at times, here’s how to nail the most flattering dress shape for you.


1. If you are pear shaped – Try a full-skirted dress


Think, highlight small waist and conceal larger hips.  As a pear shape, your figure is smaller at the waist, so you want to highlight this. You have larger hips; the goal is to keep it a little looser around this area so as not to exaggerate your size.  Two things to keep in mind here,  highlight waist and keep hips slightly looser. To achieve this, go for full-skirted dresses or A-line dresses with fitted bodice, nipped waist and full skirts, preferable with pleats.


2. If you are apple shaped – Try a shift dress


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If apple shaped, think shapely drapes. Here  you would be looking for shift dresses that just drapes over your figure. Avoid overly baggy, shapeless shifts. Opt for something with some structure that goes a little loosely over your figure without totally drowning you. Apple shapes are lager in the middle and smaller at the top and the bottom, so the aim is to create some balance in your proportion. A shift dress with a subtle flare at the hem is a great way to create the illusion of a smaller middle.


3. If you are hourglass Shaped – Try a fit and flare Dress


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The goal with an hourglass shape is to emphasize small waist while highlighting a well-proportioned shape. For this shape a fit and flare is the best silhouette to achieve this.


4. If you are boy shaped or straight – Try a belted shirtdress


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The aim here is to add some curves to an otherwise straight figure. To achieve this, go for belted dresses, anything that can be accessorized to define you waist is your target. A great shirtdress with a thin belt will be a great way to achieve this; it creates an illusion of an hourglass and highlights your great legs


5. If you are petite – Try a mini shift dress


The aim here is to give the illusion of height while highlighting the figure. Avoid bulky or overly loose garments. Choose dresses with shorter hemlines to give the illusion of longer legs. Since, your dress style is short/mini avoid excessively tight dresses, hence the suggestion of a shift style, on less of course you want to look like you are headed for the clubs.


6. If you are tall – Try a flowy maxi or  midi dress

Taller girls can wear longer styles with more fabric better. Maxis and midis are great for you, a flowy midi is great for when you do not want to look sooo o o tall! 🙂

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